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Shipping and transport instructions

Shipping and transport instructions for deliveries from Europe.
Schaeffler Group: all German plants: Version 2014-04


Basic rule:
These shipping instructions are part of our “purchasing conditions” and are valid for all deliveries from Europe.

General Purchasing Terms


Delivery Conditions:
For deliveries "in EXW/FCA", please commission the following shipping companies according to the goods being transported. The order is to be placed via Internet, e-mail or fax using the relevant link. If you use the email form, you will receive a customer copy of your electronic order.


Registering with our Logistics Service Providers:
Deliveries must be registered via e-mail as described below:

Procedure for normal deliveries within Germany:

Day A Registration by 2:00 pm
Day B Pickup by 4:00 pm
Day C Delivery at Schaeffler location in Germany

Procedure for normal deliveries from Europe to Germany:

Deliveries must be registered with our service providers in good time so that the agreed delivery time can be met.

Goods receipt contact

Download Goods receipt contact